Class Type Descriptions

30 Minute Refresh (only at Main Street Yoga)

This $6 class is perfect for the working yogi or those who enjoy a shorter mid-day practice. Join me to relieve tension and recharge for the afternoon. Open to all levels. Offered at Main Street Yoga, Adams Street, Fairmont, WV. 


Yoga for Strength & Core

This is an advanced class based with an all-levels approach in vinyasa yoga that coordinates postures, breath, and alignment to facilitate strengthening and toning the whole body. The all-levels approach lets you modify poses to suit your degree of ability, flexibility, strength, and current energy level. This class will introduce balance postures and inversions.


Karma Yoga (donation based)

Karma is the cycle of cause and effect according to the Hindu and Buddhist theory. What happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions carried forward through time from one lifetime to the next. What have you done in past lives that can be absolved in this life? Karma Yoga is an all-levels donation-based class where the proceeds go to a local charity. The class is explored in a relaxed, no judgement atmosphere, where we are all giving back for the greater good of all. The charity will be announced prior to the yoga session.

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